How do i read expiration codes on soft drinks?

Answer Look for a six-digit code on the soft drink container. Plastic bottles often have the code near the cap, while cans usually have the code on the bottom. The first two numbers signify the month, lik... Read More »

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How do I read expiration dates on soft drinks?

Find the DateLook on the can or bottle to locate the soda's expiration date. It will typically be stamped on the bottom or very top and have three letters followed by four numbers. Example: OCT1810... Read More »

How long after the expiration dates are soft drinks still good?

Soft drinks in plastic bottles are often good for three months after their expiration date if the bottles are unopened. Prolonged storage can negatively affect the quality and taste of the soft dri... Read More »

Where are Yoplait expiration codes printed?

General Mills, the U.S. marketer of Yoplait yogurt, pressure stamps the sell-by date onto the container's foil lid. According to the yogurt's packaging, you may safely consume the product for up to... Read More »

How are soft drinks carbonated?

According to the National Soft Drink Association, the average American consumes more than 600 12-ounce soft drinks per year. While many of us drink carbonated soft drinks daily, we may not consider... Read More »