How do i reach ketosis, and how long will it last?

Answer The best way to get into ketosis is to limit any direct source of carbs. Getting ZERO carbs is virtually impossible, as you know from looking at nutritional labels. It's impossible to say how many ... Read More »

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How long will it take to reach your goal to become a pediatrician?

It depends on the peduncle … it always connects something to something else….(biology): Cerebral peduncle: a band of neurons, looking like a stalk, which connects various parts of the brain, en... Read More »

How long did it take NASA to reach the moon?

How long does an e-mail take to reach an address ?

When you send an email you upload it to an email server computer where it is queued to be sent to the recipients email server. This normally happens very fast, but if either of these computers are ... Read More »

How long did it take FEMA to reach the Superdome?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it took the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) three days to respond to the refugees in the Louisiana Superdome. The hurricane hit New Orleans on August 28... Read More »