How do i put this onto my tumblr! help!?

Answer - copy the link and follow the instructions c:

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Internet explorer 7 wont let me log onto tumblr!! HELP!?

First of all, you should look at updating your browser. Even if you don't want to download FireFox or Chrome, you should still use a more up to date browser as being behind has security risks invol... Read More »

Can someone help me find the ip adress of this tumblr url?

Please contact your administration about this instead, this is also a legal matter in some states. Tracking IP's is not legal and asking for it is an abuse of the Yahoo answers reply.Contact the si... Read More »

If I have a DVD of something and I want to put it onto my computer and onto you tube, how would I do this?

yes, u can use E.M. Easy DVD Copy to rip the video to your pc from DVD disc.Then u can convert the video to flv video with E.M. YOutube video download tool, then upload the video to youtube video.h... Read More »

Sometimes when shutting down my pc this message appears: "Other people are logged onto this computer" How?

Log them off dude. Has your missis or kids got accounts that they are accessing when you are not on the PC. Go to the shut down menu and select log off.