How do i put pics on my computer back on my camera?

Answer The same way you pics on the computer from camera is kinda the same way you put pics on camera from computer (just opposite). If you have a card reader that you put your memory stick into then plug... Read More »

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I have a new dell computer with vista. How do I upload pics from my camera to my computer?

I have a Dell with Vista as well. I'm just able to insert the memory card into the slot (place for memory card should read "SDIMMC" or something similar). For the most part, the computer takes to f... Read More »

How do i put my pics from my camera onto my computer?

save them to your computer with the memory card that comes with the camera

If you have pics taken on a cannon camera on a SD card and want to use your samsung camera to load through onto your PC why can you not get a preview of the pics?

Answer The photos are stored in a propriatary format to the camera. Only the camera can modulate and demodulate the file to and from a computer.

How can I transfer pics from my camera to the computer?

Attach the camera with the USB cable that came with it to the computer. Click on MY COMPUTER and it wil show your camera there as an external drive. Just click on where it says your camere (the dri... Read More »