How do i put on eyeshadow and masscara?

Answer Eyeshadow: use natural colors since you don't know much yet and it's hard to mess up. Buy a palette with three-four colors in it. Nothing colorful just natural, I suggest shimmering sands trio by c... Read More »

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How to put on masscara?

Check out make up geek's video: instructional videos are very helpful.

What's the difference between eyeshadow "base" and eyeshadow "primer?

So, your primer is used to prevent any sort of creasing of your eyeshadow, any creasing of your eyeshadow makes it look crusty, which you don't want. Primer also helps your eyeshadow blend out easi... Read More »

How to turn gel eyeshadow into powder eyeshadow?

Let it dry up then crumble it... If that's even possible. You could try I guess, not really anything to lose.

How to De-Pot MAC Eyeshadow?

Depotting eyeshadow refers to removing the pans where the eyeshadow is pressed from the packaging, or the "pot." Many MAC makeup artists and enthusiasts like to depot their shadows to store them in... Read More »