How do i put on a chainsaw chain?

Answer Putting the Chain on the BarHold the guide bar with the tip pointing up. Set the inner drive teeth of the chain on the tip of the bar. Make sure the cutting teeth, the sharp points on the chain, ar... Read More »

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In cutting some branches off tree with my chainsaw the the chain pop ed off the chain bar.?

If you are talking about the chain being tangled, just keep trying it will come out. Now if the chain is bent, replace it, don't waste your time trying to straighten the bent links.

How do I adjust a chainsaw chain?

Loosen the Bar NutsFind your saw's bar tensioner screw, which is located either on the rear of the bar, near the point the bar and engine intersect or in between the two metal bar posts. Loosen th... Read More »

What is a low profile chainsaw chain?

Chainsaw chains come in two types: low profile and high profile. A low profile chain usually measures 3/8-inch high pitch, while a high profile chain is almost three times as thick in its pitch--us... Read More »

How do I unfreeze the chain of a chainsaw?

Checking the Bar and ChainLoosen the bar tensioner screw so the chain isn't too tight. Remove the bar and chain cover and clean out the guide slots on the bar with a sharp knife. Scrape out all of ... Read More »