How do i put batteries in on Dr Dre studio headphones?

Answer The Bose quietcomfort 3 are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. They are great for frequent flyers. They area affordable and lighter weight making them very convient.

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What is the difference between drdre studio headphones and the solo headphones?

Studio goes over the ear and solo's are an on ear head phone. If I were you get the studio, they cost much more, cover the ear, but the solo headphones sound the same as skullcandy hesh, and cost 1... Read More »

What is the difference between studio and monitor headphones?

I'm guessing that Monitor headphones are used for monitoring regardless of context. Yet studio headphones are also Monitoring headphones yet at a suitable quality for studio use. This is slightly ... Read More »

How Big Is The Logo On Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones?

Can I repair my studio monitor headphones?

Two are common negative grounds and one each L&R. You either have to make an assumption ( I wouldn't do this) or find the manual for these headphones. You connect them wrong you could blow the pre-... Read More »