How do i put an image in the "info box" in Wikipedia?

Answer That's an interesting syntax there. Most infoboxes at en.wikipedia use a template syntax more like the one in no.wikipedia's article on Sven Kramer, the athlete:{{Infoboks sportsbiografi| navn = Sv... Read More »

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Wikipedia + info = bad!!!!!!!!!?

Don't trust a Wikipedia page if it satisfies at least two of the following conditions:-Laden with ten or more [citation needed] tags-Bears at least five maintenance tags-Had broken grammar-Overly o... Read More »

Who checks the info on Wikipedia?

Its readers are supposed to check the information. You read anything in Wikipedia, you're supposed to verify its accuracy yourself. But that's too much hassle, so most people just assume it's all t... Read More »

How to find info on wikipedia?

You could just type in "cash crop" in the search box on the left. It will probably lead to a "Search" page. If you cannot find anything on that page, search it on Google... it might give you the ne... Read More »

How reliable is the info on wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the most reliable and comprehensive reference source either on or off the web. It could be greatly improved and welcomes your financial and editorial contributions.