How do i put a password on my computer?

Answer Right click desktop, choose properties. Go to Screen saver, click on checkbox "on resume require password". Choose a password. When ur done using ur computer hit windows button( btwn ctrl & alt)... Read More »

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I found a computer and i dont know the password what should i do to figure out the password?

Probably can't. But you could reinstall the operating system and set a new password. You can generally do this by booting from an install CD or DVD.

How do I reset my computer password if I can't remember my password?

YEs 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will be be prompted with a boot optio... Read More »

Can I lock my computer,even whith other accounts,that no one can enter my computer unless by my password?

Yes you can, when your computer starts you would see 'press this for Bios settings' ,for example its F12 on my computer. Their you can go to serurity section and put a password accordingly

I want to put a password on my computer to just get onto the computer. How do I so this.?

Put a password into the BIOSAs your computer is booting, read the screen. It will say press "something" to enter setup (depending on the computer, the something will be different) it's usually ES... Read More »