How do i put a moviemaker video on Itunes?

Answer By creating a video format that iTunes will handle, such as converting it to a QuickTime format..

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Sites or GOOD & safe downloads that can transfer a youtube video to a video to put on iTunes?

I use ZAMZAR ( i think thats the name. I will check when I get home but thats what I use.

Why can't i drag my video i downloaded onto my Itunes video gallery?

because the video will be in the wrong formate, as itunes only accepts videos in mp4 formate. you can easily change the video formate by downloading a converter, a good one to use is called "video ... Read More »

How to Buy iTunes Video?

ITunes allows users to purchase music, movies, ringtones, apps, and other media directly from the iTunes program, through the iTunes store. ITunes has a vast selection of movies sorted through nume... Read More »