How do i put a hp deskjet printer back online?

Answer Well... First dont be panic.. Its a simple issue.Do the following steps.1). Remove both USB and Power cable from "both ends" and wait for 2 mins.2). Replug all the cables on both ends. turn on the ... Read More »

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Printer back online after being online and went offline?

How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.…… Read More »

My HP Deskjet 6840 printer has gone "off line" and wont print. How do I get it back "on line" Help please?

Read the fine manual.If you've been silly and thrown it out, here's the HP Support page where you can download it again.…

How do i get my hp 4700 printer back online?

MACTurn printer on1 - Open System Preferences by clicking on the icon in the Dock.2 - Go to the Print & Fax control panel under the Hardware category.3 - Select the printer you want to take online ... Read More »

How do i get my printer back online it is a hp and is there a way to get more gb for the computer i have now?

Your problem is not clear.That is the reason there is no answer for 3 days.Please describe the problem clearly including printer model and OS of your computer. I will give you the solution.