How do i put 2 videos together?

Answer get a video capture divice for your computer (do a search on youtube for unregistered hypercam 2 and its a free software) and capture the video. then put the video in what ever editing software yo... Read More »

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How can i put mp4 videos together and export as mp4?

A quick Google search will turn up several links with such information. Here is but one of those: .

How do i run multiple videos together in one video?

Any video editor capable of dealing with multiple simultaneous video tracks and audio tracks. Fianl Cut and Sony Vegas can... MovieMaker andd iMovie cannot.We don't know which computer you are usin... Read More »

How Can I Join Together Different WMV Videos Into One Whole Video?

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a proprietary digital video format developed and owned by Microsoft. Multiple WMV files can be joined together and combined into one video with the use of Microsoft’s... Read More »

How can i use multiple videos cut together with my own music from itunes on mac, and send to youtube?

The simplest way to download is to put 'link' before youtube in the url. So...…becomes…Select the MP4 optionThen... Read More »