How do i pry my ring off my swollen finger?

Answer To decrease the swelling, you need to constrict the blood flow, do this by running your hand under cold water. Try soap, lotion, or oil as a lubricant to pull it off. You can also try raising your... Read More »

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How do I get a ring off a swollen finger?

I work in the ER so I frequently face this issue with patients. I use a tourniquet (but any long strip of fabric will work). Lube up the finger then wrap the strip around the finger starting at th... Read More »

I can't get my ring of my finger because it's swollen - help!!?

this is a pretty bad thing. when i was pregnant my engagement ring was stuck on. i had to get it cut off bc it was impossibe to get off. however.....stop messing with it for a few days and then try... Read More »

My ring finger is purple and swollen?

That jerk that squeezed your finger ruptured your capillary arteries in your finger. It's a ****** up bruise. It serves you right though. Next time don't make the same mistake.

Do you know a good way to remove a ring from a painfully swollen finger ?

get a bit string put 1 end thro the ring and wrap the rest down to the end of the finger,then the bit you put thro the ring start to unwind it and the ring will start to slide over the string till ... Read More »