How do i protect young sugar maple tree seedlings?

Answer MulchAdd mulch around the base of sugar maple seedlings to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. This will protect young roots and help retain moisture. Keep mulch away from direct contact with the tree trunk ... Read More »

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Could the Sugar Maple seedlings be clones?

I don't think they are clones in the sense that they are genetically identical to the parent tree. Trees that clone (like the Aspen, Populus tremuloides) do so from their roots.The seedlings probab... Read More »

How to Protect Tree Seedlings?

Planting tree seedlings will reward you--and the environment--in years to come. Before long, seedlings grow into saplings, and some years later, they become mature trees that add beauty and shade. ... Read More »

How to Protect Tree Seedlings from Deer in Wisconsin?

Although seeing deer in the wild is a widely enjoyed pastime, they can be huge pests when they get into your yard and garden. Deer enjoy eating garden plants and delicate tree seedlings. They are a... Read More »

How to Protect Young Tree Trunks from Lawn Care Damage?

Completed Protector, OpenAn easy way to protect young trees (1"-3" diameter) from string trimmer damage or lawn mower strikes is to construct a protective sleeve out of ribbed, black drainage pipe ... Read More »