How do i protect vegetables from insects in the garden?

Answer Spray a homemade mixture of garlic, chili peppers, olive oil, dish detergent and water onto the leaves of the plants as well as around the perimeter of the garden. This will kill ants, caterpillars... Read More »

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How do I protect garden vegetables from frost?

Covering Plants to Prevent FrostGather a material of choice to cover your plants such as blankets, sheets, burlap sacks or another available material. Drape lighter materials directly over the plan... Read More »

How to Protect Wooden Outdoor Furniture From Wood-Boring Insects?

If you have wooden outdoor furniture, take special measures to make sure it is protected from certain insects that love to eat wood. Three species of beetles -- powderpost, deathwatch and false pow... Read More »

How to Prepare Vegetables From the Garden for the Freezer?

Freezing is one of the least labor-intensive methods for preserving your garden produce. No special equipment is required like it is for canning or drying vegetables. Nearly all vegetables freeze w... Read More »

How can you stop a dog from eating flowers and vegetables in the garden?

Stop That Dog From Eating My Flowers Your canine may have a behavior problem. Instead of letting him eat plant material, you should deter him from this outside activity by introducing different thi... Read More »