How do i protect my computer from harmful software such as viruses etc?

Answer Try this, it worked for me,here is the link to down load the program-…ITS FREE TOO!after you download it,restart your system, then press f8 repeatedly unt... Read More »

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AVG can protect me from site viruses, even if I enter those harmful sites?

I wouldn't rely on either of those two, because IMO neither of them are very good; so I'd suggest using some third-party resources to get a feel of the safety of a site.I recommend WOT (Web Of Trus... Read More »

Are the most popular anti-virus software programs ALMOST as invasive as the viruses they, designed to protect?

As far as most tech-oriented people go, Norton and McAfee are usually at the bottom of the food chain. Probably because they cost some absurd amount for something you can download for free (Avira, ... Read More »

How do you protect yourself against computer viruses?

Keep your teenage son and his friends off the computer! When they get on our computer is when it really messes up!

How do I protect a computer against viruses?

Antivirus SoftwareDownload and install an antivirus program. Many well-regarded programs are free. Ensure you update the program often, and scan your computer regularly for viruses.Email SafetyUse ... Read More »