How do i protect herb plants from pests?

Answer Observe your garden to see which pests are affecting it. The most common garden pests include cabbage moths, squash bugs and aphids. Plant herbs such as sage, marigold, catmint, and borage, which a... Read More »

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How to Protect Budding Fruit Trees From Pests?

More than simply looking beautiful or smelling fantastic, the bounty a fruit tree produces is a tangible manifestation of a gardener's success. You may have experienced the heartbreak, however, of ... Read More »

Diseases & Pests Of Tomato Plants?

Like any plant in the garden, the tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum) is subject to an array of diseases and pests. The best defense against pests and diseases is to keep your tomato plant healthy ... Read More »

What do herb plants look like?

Herbs vary greatly in flavor and are used in nearly every culture's cuisines. Many popular herbs have a similar appearance. This guide will help identify key features of six of the most popular her... Read More »

How do I cook herb plants?

Clean HerbsClean the herbs before cooking. Recently harvested herbs from a garden plot will have more dust and debris on them than most store-bought herbs. Rinse the herbs in cool water and pat dry... Read More »