How do i protect herb plants from pests?

Answer Observe your garden to see which pests are affecting it. The most common garden pests include cabbage moths, squash bugs and aphids. Plant herbs such as sage, marigold, catmint, and borage, which a... Read More »

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How to Protect Budding Fruit Trees From Pests?

More than simply looking beautiful or smelling fantastic, the bounty a fruit tree produces is a tangible manifestation of a gardener's success. You may have experienced the heartbreak, however, of ... Read More »

How to Protect Plants from the Cold?

Roses will generally go dormant when it's cold, but they'll regrow next year.If your weather is a bit too cold or your plants a bit too tender, there are things you can do to help your garden throu... Read More »

How to Protect Plants From Frostbite?

It can be devastating to watch your beautiful garden plants fall victim to frostbite. Frostbite is caused by severe, cold weather and affects humans and plants alike. If not protected in due time, ... Read More »

How to Protect Bedding Plants from Frost?

There are many different gardening strategies you can practice to protect your bedding plants from frost. When your bedding plants are exposed to frost, they may not survive unless you have taken t... Read More »