How do i print pics on my phones sd card?

Answer i surely don't know

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If you have pics taken on a cannon camera on a SD card and want to use your samsung camera to load through onto your PC why can you not get a preview of the pics?

Answer The photos are stored in a propriatary format to the camera. Only the camera can modulate and demodulate the file to and from a computer.

Cell phones 10 points (pics)?

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You have ative 2gb SD card full of pictures if you are asked to format it by your PC will you lose pics and video saved on card?

Yes. Formatting will destroy all the data on the memory card.Make sure you keep a backup of the data, frequently.

What's the best Printer if i wanna print off my pics?

Someone recommends a store to have them done I have all my prints done on line where they are a fraction of what you will pay to self print.