How do i prevent this scaring?

Answer Infection is a major contributor to increasing your chances for developing a bad scar. All open wounds should be cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and a topical antibiotic ointment like Polysporin Oi... Read More »

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This is really scaring me?

Demand a second opinion. Positive note I had similar symptoms for years rarely a day off. I had a brain scan, a EEG and other tests turns out I have hemiplegic migraines - very scary. I have an aur... Read More »

Reading all this in the adoption section is scaring me out of adoption?

I wouldn't let a few vocal adoptees influence your desire to adopt. There are a group of regular "anti-adoptees", some angry and some bitter who repeatedly spew negativity toward adoption. If you... Read More »

This sounds silly, but; but do you think being on this site could prevent dementia?

It's possible. As you say, it's never dull here. I am glad to hear how your memory has improved and that your stress level has been reduced. God blesses those of us who are His with encouragers.

I'm moving across the country and the last time I did this my fridge got moldy. Any hints to prevent this?

wash the fridge out with bleach firsttry to keep the door open as much as possibleput something in the door to keep it open a bit then tie rope around the fridge to keep the door from moving