How do i prevent sore feet from working in a kitchen?

Answer any nurse that works 12 hours on her feet or any waitress will tell youYOU NEED THE BEST SHOES that give you support try ones from Dr Shoals slip free also my girlfriend heard about bamboo socks ar... Read More »

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How many board feet do I need for 10 feet of base&wall kitchen cabinets?

You can actually calculate board feet based on a simple formula as "board feet" is simply a measurement of lumber volume. The equation is: (Thickness x Width x Length) / 144 = Board FeetA board foo... Read More »

How to Walk With Sore Feet?

There are many causes of sore feet. Ingrown toenails, corns and calluses are common ailments that can cause soreness in the feet. Sore feet may also be related to joint issues or fallen arches. In ... Read More »

How to Heal Sore Feet?

Wearing ill-fitting shoes, excessive walking, standing, injury and other factors cause sore feet. Ease foot pain by using a few at-home techniques and prevention methods. Once your feet are no long... Read More »

How to relieve sore feet?

madison, this is not normal...even for people on their feet all day...ya need to get this checked out...elevate, ice, anti-inflammatories, & movement, even if ya gotta do it by hand initially...the... Read More »