How do i prevent from getting bed bugs?

Answer Bed Bug-Proofing The HouseEncase your mattress in a plastic or tightly-woven fabric cover to keep bed bugs out. Thoroughly inspect couches and pillows, too, and seal and repair any cracks on the h... Read More »

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Prevent getting bit by the bed bugs?

Well first, slept well. And no, chances are you'll pretty much get bitten no matter where you sleep as long as its on fabric. Bed bugs spread at an extremely rapid rate and even taking a blanket fr... Read More »

I feel like Im getting a cold, how can I prevent myself from getting full blown sick?

2000 mg vitimin C is by far the best.Some people swear by Zicam, and Airborn.

If you feel like you're getting sick, what are some good medicines to take to prevent it from getting worse?

Aspirin wouldn't help because it's an analgesic. It is designed to get rid of aches and pains. If you feel like you are getting sick, it probably is because your immune system is down. I persona... Read More »

How do I keep from getting bed bugs?

Wash your bedding on a regular basis. That includes all sheets, pillow cases and blankets. This will prevent bed bugs from nesting and reproducing on your bed.Examine and clean your mattress. Bed b... Read More »