How do i preserve ceramic garden pots?

Answer VarnishPaint the ceramic pot with two coats of a clear varnish, using a small paintbrush. Set the pot in a dry, sunny spot to dry for 24 hours. If your ceramic pot has paint on it, test a small, in... Read More »

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How to Plant in Ceramic Pots?

Container gardening is a great way to add color and life to small areas. Patios and entryways are great places for ceramic pots of flowers or herbs because they don't require a lot of space. Garden... Read More »

How to Paint Ceramic Pots?

Ceramic flower pots are known as earthenware. They are made of clay, which is hardened by firing them at a high temperature in a kiln. Ceramic pots are usually fired again with a glaze, and those a... Read More »

How to Preserve the Beauty of Italian Ceramic Dinnerware?

Italian ceramic dinnerware is an investment in beauty and artistry. Its artistic value however must not discourage daily usage of ceramic place settings and serving accessories. A little extra care... Read More »

How to Make Ceramic Pots by Wheel?

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