My girlfriend is sick please help.?

Answer Fatigue

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TH Family: Ich bin back, and Bill's new girlfriend pinky ..(please read)?

Hurray!I'm soo glad you're back honey! =)It's nice to know they are still an important part of your life....i'm glad TH is not losing a lovely fan like you. =)& WOW, I don't even beleive one senten... Read More »

Any opinion i can get, please My girlfriend is really worrying me to the point of physical pain.?

I know exactly where your coming from. If she is flirting with someone else right in front of you is a real bad thing.. It shows she doesn't have much respect for you. I know how it is, and how har... Read More »

I wanna buy my girlfriend a ring but can't spend more than $100, please help?

Sterling silver! You can get really good ones at a place called Kohls for 50 dollars and they're always 60 percent off! Sterling silver is the best cheap ring you can get :) google them on amazon o... Read More »

Help! My girlfriend went numb for 3 hours after she woke up and couldn`t move! Please tell me what it could be?

it could be a number of things but you need to take her to the emergency room of your local hospital now even if she feels ok now something went very wrong therethis can be anything from migraine s... Read More »