How to Play Hard to Get?

Answer Although it might seem silly for someone to pretend that they're a little less into you than they really are, it is one of the ways by which some people gauge the extent of each other's interest wh... Read More »

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How to Play Hard to Get With a Boy That You Like?

Playing hard to get is something that is difficult for you if you like the boy. It is important that you do because most men love the fact that they need to work for their girl.

Why is it hard for babies to play?

Because babys are little, and its hard to catch a football when you are smaller than a football.

How hard is it to play the violin?

On One Hand: Natural TalentLike almost any skill or profession, some will find learning the violin to be easier than others. The task of performing the violin is very complex, so every learner find... Read More »

How to Play Hard to Get for Guys?

The age-old trick of playing hard to get, though used most often by women, can be used by men as well. It's a tricky tactic, though, as you are basically telling a lie by sending the message that y... Read More »