How do i plant orange trees in containers?

Answer Place the orange tree in a large pot and fill it with organic matter or soil. You can use regular potting soil as well, but orange trees grow best in organic matter. (See Reference 1)Place the pot... Read More »

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How to Plant Queen Palm Trees in Containers?

The queen palm (Syagrus romanofskiana) is a showy tree that can grow in a container, at least for a while. Although not native to North America, the queen palm grows in southern Florida, southern T... Read More »

How to Plant Seeds for Orange Trees?

Growing orange trees is a simple task. However, when you grow orange trees from seeds waiting seven to eight years for the trees to bear fruit is the hard part. Getting orange seeds is not that eas... Read More »

When do you plant orange trees?

Orange plants can be planted any time of year either indoors or outdoors, although to plant outdoors, you should live in USDA zones 9A-11. Bright sun must be provided in either case. In addition, d... Read More »

How to Plant Valencia Orange Trees in Florida?

Orange trees are tall, subtropical trees that require warm, humid and sunny conditions, with an absence of frost, to grow to their mature height. The Sunbelt of Southern California, Texas and South... Read More »