How do i plant hybrid tea roses?

Answer Site SelectionPlant hybrid tea roses in a full-sun location that provides shielding from winter winds. In extremely hot areas, consider a location that provides an hour or two of afternoon shade. T... Read More »

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How do I plant hybrid tea roses in Australia?

Site SelectionChoose a site that gets good drainage and plenty of sun. Hybrid tea roses usually enjoy full sun, but in the warmth of Australian summers, roses might appreciate a site that gets only... Read More »

How do I plant caribia hybrid tea roses?

Choose a SiteChoose a site with good drainage, and no puddling, that receives at least four to five hours of sun daily. Caribia hybrid tea roses thrive in sunlight all day, every day.Choose a site ... Read More »

How do I plant hybrid tea rose roses?

When and WherePlant roses in the spring. Choose a spot that receives at least six to eight hours of direct sun daily. Also, be sure the site drains well, has plenty of air circulation, is not near ... Read More »

How do I plant hybrid tea roses in central Florida?

Prepare for PlantingSelect a variety of hybrid tea rose that will do well in central Florida. Examples include Crimson Glory, Armstrong, Eclipse, White Knight and Lucky Piece. Plant your hybrid tea... Read More »