How do i plant aquatic plants in aquariums?

Answer Picking the plantsLook for healthy plants and roots. Make sure the leaves have no holes and no yellow or brown patches. Do not mix slow growing plants with fast growing plants, as fast growers can ... Read More »

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Freshwater Aquatic Plants for Aquariums?

No matter what type of fish you keep in your aquarium, adding live plants can make the tank healthier and more interesting. Live plants take in carbon dioxide from the water and supply oxygen, prov... Read More »

How to Plant Dwarf Sags in Aquariums?

The plant known to science as Sagittaria subulata is known to aquarium hobbyists simply as dwarf sag. This attractive yet easy-to-grow plant is right at home in aquariums, and it is a good plant fo... Read More »

Can you use plant grow lights for aquariums?

Plant grow lights exist for aquariums. Companies market them under different names to indicate they make aquarium plants grow better. The tank size, amount of plants and depth are considerations wh... Read More »

Uses of Aquatic Plants?

Aquatic plants provide many uses to the water in which they live, such as removing toxins, purifying and making the pond or aquarium a healthy ecosystem. Aside from the balanced ecosystem these pla... Read More »