How do i plant a tree seedling?

Answer Location, LocationPlant trees in well-drained soil and full sun. Find out from your supplier how far apart seedlings should be planted. Small evergreens may require only a 6 foot-by-6 foot space, b... Read More »

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What kind of plant seedling is this?

It's too young to make a positive ID, so my guess would be a tomato plant.

How big will a windmill palm tree seedling get in a year?

Windmill palms grow 1.42 feet per year. They can reach a total of 30 feet but are typically much smaller: 10 to 20 feet. Windmill palm trees are cold hardy palms and can survive down to -20 degrees... Read More »

How do you tell the root flare on a young tree seedling?…

Can a seedling pear tree root from cuttings?

It is possible for pear trees to root from cuttings, however they do not always produce the fruit-bearing type of plants. The Gardener's Network recommends propagating pear trees from seeds.Source:... Read More »