How do i plant a peach seed?

Answer Remove the peach flesh from the seed. Wash it in water and let it dry completely. Place the dried seed in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to plant it. Plant a pea... Read More »

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How do you plant a peach seed?

What will happen if I plant a peach pit? If you take the pit from a peach and plant it, a peach tree may grow. The pit should be put 2 to 3inches underneath the soil. The best time to plant a peach... Read More »

How do I germanate a peach seed?

Just a note of caution be sure and do it the way the experts in the links say, it just stands to reason the dormancy period should be a cold one. That's not my idea it's the knowledge from the tru... Read More »

Can you start a peach tree from the seed?

According to the Texas A&M Horticulture Department, peach pits can be planted to grow peach trees, though the fruit will likely taste different than the original peach. You first must keep it cold ... Read More »

How do i plant a peach tree from a pit?

PreparePlant peach pits in the fall, when they are naturally inclined to grow. Clean the seed thoroughly with water to remove any fruit shreds.Start your peach pit in a pot. Fill the pot with a mix... Read More »