How do i plant a bloodgood japanese maple?

Answer Preparing the HoleDig a hole slightly larger than your tree's root ball. Remove the tree from its pot and loosen the soil around the roots with your fingers.Plant the TreeMix your soil with organic... Read More »

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Can you plant hosta around a Japanese maple tree?

Japanese maples combine well with hosta. Hosta and ornamental Japanese maples both require a light shade environment and moist, fertile soil. Larger maple varieties can take up lots of moisture, ma... Read More »

Is December Too Late to Plant a Red Dragon Japanese Maple Tree?

The Japanese maple cultivar Red Dragon displays finely lobed, almost feathery, pale coppery-chartreuse leaves. In autumn, these leaves become vibrant red before dropping away. Slow growing, Japanes... Read More »

Are Japanese maple trees hard maple or soft maple?

The Japanese maple tree (Acer palmatum) is a hard maple. The Japanese maple is a slow-growing tree, and as Clemson University explains, "slow-growing maples have hard wood." The wood is about as ha... Read More »

I need to transplant a Japanese maple in a pot.?

You can transplant a maple when it is dormant - in the cold weather only - when it has lost all of its leaves.Don't be afraid to trim the root ball if it has become too tangled but not by too much.... Read More »