How do i plant a black tartarian cherry tree?

Answer PreparationPlant Black Tartarian cherry trees in the early spring. Choose an elevated planting location that gets a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Till up the area to a depth of 8 to... Read More »

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Will a "failed" bing cherry pollinate my black tartarian?

Most likely it will. It depends on what variety of root stock it is, but if it flowers at the same time as your black tartarian, it will work. Mazzard is a very common sweet cherry root stock, an... Read More »

How to Compare the Leaves of Bing and Tartarian Cherry Trees?

"Black Tartarian" and "Bing" are two cultivars of sweet cherry known botanically as Prunus avium. There are differences in leaf appearance as well as in how the cherry varieties are used. Black Tar... Read More »

Is a cherry a plant or a tree?…

About the Black Cherry Tree?

The black cherry tree is one of the most valuable native North American species. Known for its beautiful blossoms, it is an important source of food for wildlife and people, and it produces fine ha... Read More »