How do i plan an italian banquet?

Answer ThemeConsider a theme for your Italian banquet such as "Italian Wine and Dine" or "Dancing Under the Tuscan Sun." Create invitations noting the theme, event date, location, type of attire and a bri... Read More »

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How to Plan an Italian Wedding Banquet?

Italian wedding traditions are 100s of years old. A major part of the wedding tradition is the celebration afterwards. Couples can opt to have a light brunch or dinner, serve light appetizers or ha... Read More »

How to Plan a Birthday Banquet?

When a friend or loved one has a birthday, it is customary to have some type of celebration. Lots of people have parties, but banquets allow the guest of honor to receive special recognition. At a ... Read More »

How to Plan a World Banquet?

Take your family, friends or coworkers around the culinary globe with a world-themed banquet. Plan the details of your world banquet well in advance of the event, so you have ample time to troubles... Read More »

How do I plan a formal banquet?

Calculate a budget for your formal banquet, including cost of food and drink, caterer, the rental hall fee, decorations, invitations, and entertainment. Write up your guest list, keeping in mind yo... Read More »