How do i plan a banquet for Grandparent's Day?

Answer BudgetSet your budget before you do anything else. This will help you manage your money and know exactly how much money you can spare for food, decorations and other items you will need for the ban... Read More »

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How to Plan a Birthday Banquet?

When a friend or loved one has a birthday, it is customary to have some type of celebration. Lots of people have parties, but banquets allow the guest of honor to receive special recognition. At a ... Read More »

How do I plan a football banquet?

Find a VenueFind a venue for the banquet. It should be centrally located, close to most of attendees, have an affordable and attractive menu and be able to grow to meet attendance. One that has a t... Read More »

How do I plan a world banquet?

Food and BudgetDiscuss with the banquet committee how you'll incorporate the world theme into your banquet planning as well as the budget for the banquet. The budget will determine how many ideas y... Read More »

How do I plan an awards banquet?

VenueTour various venue candidates before making reservations. Make sure the space is large enough to hold all the guests. The space must also meet the audio and visual needs of the evening. Venues... Read More »