If I Get An iPhone, Will It Help Me Pick Up Chicks?

Answer Actually, yes.Approach another iPhone user and gush over her phone in the same manner one would gush over a puppy. The right level of gushing is important. Don't over compensate with the gushing, a... Read More »

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Will Bran Muffins Give Me Enough ....OOOmph To Pick Up Chicks?

I don't know a girl that can resist a bran muffin! Give 'em a try I say, 'ol bloke!

How to Use Incubators for Chicks?

Raising chickens is no problem if you have hens that sit on their own eggs, but sometimes chickens are temperamental and just won't do it. This can occur because the hen is young or wasn't raised w... Read More »

What do pheasant chicks eat?

Pheasant chicks are born able to feed themselves, eating the same diet as adults. According to the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology, this diet may include seeds, grains, insects, berries,... Read More »

What's up with pregnant chicks?

You should have told her that you are not a plumber. Tell her to deal with her leaky pipes alone ;-)