How do i parry in fencing?

Answer Parry BasicsParry in fencing by striking the opponent's blade as it comes in for a strike. This prevents the strike from scoring on you and provides some control over the opponent's weapon in order... Read More »

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How long does a Parry's agave live?

Parry's agave (century plant) is a slow-growing succulent plant that lives about 25 years. Upon maturity, a Parry's agave blooms a single stalk up to 18 feet tall with greenish-yellow flowers once ... Read More »

What was the name of a serial shown on the BBC more than 20 years ago about Joseph Parry and his life and writing of Myfannwy starring Sian Phillips called and where can I get a copy?

The show came to the UK in 1967 and ran on the BBC until 1987.

Is fencing fun?

It is fun. But they are pointy thingys called foils(depending on which type of fencing you do). Swords are something they used to slice people in the medieval ages. While fencing is based off sword... Read More »

How do i win in fencing?

Approach your opponent on the fencing strip by lunging at him with your weapon and remaining in front of him for the duration of the match, also called a bout.Attempt to strike your fencing opponen... Read More »