How do i paint galvanized steel?

Answer PreparationWash the galvanized steel using a water-based, degreasing cleansing agent. Scrub the steel clean using a coarse, plastic brush. Rinse the surface thoroughly, or you may have issues with ... Read More »

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How do I paint galvanized steel panels?

Clean the galvanized steel panels with a water-based degreasing agent. Scrub the surface with a coarse plastic brush. Rinse the galvanized steel thoroughly, or you will have problems with primer an... Read More »

What is the difference between steel and galvanized steel?

AnswerGalvanized steel is steel that has been hot dipped in a pool of molten zinc. The zinc adheres to the steel, cools and hardens to form a rust inhibitive finish to plain steel.

How do i weather galvanized steel?

Create a saline solution of one part table salt to three parts water. Mix the solution well. Brush the solution onto the galvanized steel with a metal brush. Scrub thoroughly and allow the saline-c... Read More »

How do I cut galvanized steel pipe?

Mark the Galvanized PipePull a tape measure along the galvanized pipe. Mark the cut length on the pipe with a permanent marker. Wrap a piece of folded paper around the circumference of the galvaniz... Read More »