How do i paint an old red brick fireplace?

Answer Prime the fireplace using a latex primer and a long nap roller brush; one good coat of primer is sufficient. Allow the primer to dry.Select a latex paint color of your choice. Apply a base coat of ... Read More »

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How do I whitewash a brick fireplace?

Whitewashing a Brick FireplaceMake the whitewash by mixing a 50-lb. bag of Ivory hydrated lime and 10 lbs. of table salt. Mix in white Portland cement, and the whitewash will last longer. Add water... Read More »

DIY Tiling Over a Brick Fireplace?

Brick fireplaces can become worn, dirty and outdated over time. While the fireplace itself is still usable, it can be updated with a DIY tile makeover. Ceramic tiles are inexpensive to purchase and... Read More »

How do I make a brick fireplace look new?

Cleaning an Existing FireplaceClean the interior of the fireplace by sweeping out all ash residue and burnt wood. Wear a filter mask, goggles and gloves to stay clean. Mix one cup of bleach or vine... Read More »

How to Renovate a Brick Fireplace?

Nothing beats the look of a brick fireplace to bring a sense of coziness and warmth to a room. Brick fireplaces add texture and color, and they are often a room's focal point. Sometimes, however, b... Read More »