How do i overclock my cpu?

Answer it seems like I'm being a douche by posting that link. But read. Read some more. Search for some other terms until you know exactly what binning is, what... Read More »

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Should i overclock my gpu?

NO !1: Its doubtful it will allow you to overclock, its a laptop.2: Heat, laptops have slower GPU because of heat efficiency. Overclocking will cause overheating big time.

How to Overclock a PC?

Overclocking, for some, seems too good to be true, but it is very possible (and sometimes fun) to do. However, overclocking can have its consequences. When done improperly, damage may result in you... Read More »

How much should I overclock?

As long as it runs stable and cool, your overclock is safe. I haven't had any luck overclocking HP computers but if your motherboard will support it then go for it. It is pretty difficult to harm a... Read More »

How far Should I overclock?

Do you know what your doing over clocking wise .I always say if you have to ask dont do it .It can be clocked to between 3.0 and 3.6GHz usually, although inevitably there are some people out there ... Read More »