How do i open a small size window with onclick?

Answer The onclick event allows a user to call JavaScript code by interacting with an HTML element. Common HTML elements that utilize the onclick event are links, buttons and images. A common use of the o... Read More »

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How to Open Explorer Window at Max Size?

Windows Explorer is the window provided by the Windows operating system to browse the computer file system when searching, modifying or accessing files. Windows Explorer is designed to "remember" ... Read More »

Where can you find an easily removable window covering for a high window that brings in a lot of sun during the day but which you want to have open in the evening?

Answer Your best bet is a "roll up blind" and it comes in the type such as venetien blinds and also bamboo. When you don't want the sun in just roll it down (long cord) tacked back against a corn... Read More »

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How to Use HTML onClick?

You can use JavaScript in your web pages to produce dynamic interaction with the user. The "onClick" attribute is used to trigger a JavaScript when the user clicks on an HTML element. You can use t... Read More »