How do i open a nokia 5300 in order to insert a sim card?

Answer Opening the phonePress the "Back cover release button" located on the top edge of the phone above the camera lens. Once the back cover releases, remove it with your fingers.Locating the SIM cardRem... Read More »

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How do i open a nokia 5300?

Press the back cover release button located above the camera lens on the back of the phone. The back cover will slightly pop out. Remove the back cover with your fingers to find the battery. If you... Read More »

How to Insert a SIM Card Into a Nokia Prepaid Phone?

The Nokia prepaid phone operates with a SIM card to communicate with the prepaid network, and to maintain your phone programming and account information. When you need to install a new SIM card in ... Read More »

How Do I Flash a Nokia 5300?

Record Serial NumberLocate the Nokia 5300 IMEI serial number by removing the back battery cover and extracting the battery. The number is located on the pack panel of the Nokia phone. Write this nu... Read More »

How to Hack a Nokia 5300?

This is how you can hack into the Nokia 5300 phone here are some simple steps you can take to see your warranty number, and other codes