How do i open a docomo cell phone?

Answer Opening the Cell PhoneHold the Docomo cell phone upright in one hand with the top of the flipping lid either facing upward or outward, but in either case, parallel with the palm of your hand. Use y... Read More »

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How to Open JAR & JAD Files on a Cell Phone?

JAR (Java Archive) and JAD (Joint Application Development) files are packaged files containing games and applications that can be unpacked onto your cell phone with the use of a personal computer. ... Read More »

How do you open an android cell phone?

There are many different phones that use the Android OS. Some of them do not open at all, some slide. Try to find the instructions for use for the phone.

Can I open Friendster using my cell phone?

Friendster has a mobile log in website that allows users to check accounts from cell phones. Members checking Friendster on their mobile phone can view all the main pages, such as photos, messages,... Read More »

How Can I Program My Cell Phone to Open My Security Gate?

Whether you live in a gated community or have a security gate in front of your home, you no longer have to keep track of a plastic security key that's easily lost or remember to keep a remote contr... Read More »