How do i notify energex of street light out?

Answer Notify Energex of a faulty street light using the form on the company's website.You also could call +61 7 3407 4000 weekdays between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time.Source:Energex... Read More »

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How to Turn off a Street Light?

Sick of that street light coming in your window when you'e trying to sleep? Here's the way to turn it off and finally go to sleep or get back to what you were doing.

How bright is a street light?

Street lights burn at between 35 and 250 watts, depending on the city. The average street light burns at 80 watts. Most street lights are high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.References:Power... Read More »

LED Street Light Suppliers?

An LED light (light-emitting diode) is designed to produce a glowing light with far less energy than a common incandescent bulb. A street light is programmed to shine at a specific time each day so... Read More »

Solar Street Light Specifications?

Solar street lights can save energy while also offering an extended life and natural lighting. Specifications for a solar street light system will vary by application, but each will consist primari... Read More »