How do i make things on my pc appear smaller?

Answer Check you monitor's manual, whether it supports the resolution you are trying to achieve using your graphics card. If your screen is going black while selecting some resolution that means your moni... Read More »

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How to make bottom lip appear/be smaller?

dude just don't worry about it! you probably look great i doubt people care as much as you think. people are still able to like you

How to Make Big Lips Appear Smaller?

You can make big lips appear smaller by changing the way you apply your makeup. You won't need surgical help to shrink your pouty lips. With a little practice, you can shrink the appearance of your... Read More »

How to Make Pores Appear Smaller?

Pores are visible on most people over a certain age. They are a fact of life. Pores can look even worse when they are clogged with oil, however. Visible pores are never going to be non-existent, b... Read More »

How to Make My Nose Appear Smaller?

Not everyone is blessed with their dream nose. And even plenty of people with a perfectly satisfactory "schnauz" are ashamed of it. Well, there's hope for those who would like to make their nose lo... Read More »