How do i make the print larger?

Answer hold the CTRL key and at the same time move the wheel on the mouse. one way make it bigger and the other makes it smaller

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How do I make the print on my computer larger my eyes are getting bad and I need larger print?

How to Make the Print Larger on a Computer Screen?

This tutorial is intended for novice computer users.Whether you are trying to view a body of text without unnecessary scrolling or adjusting of the text or you are over the hill or close to it or j... Read More »

How do i make text larger so i can print out a banner?

Open your word processing document and highlight the text.Locate the drop-down list in your toolbar that controls font size. It will be the only drop-down list containing numbers. If your toolbar d... Read More »

Will a larger computer monitor make the print bigger?

A larger monitor will make things bigger. 100 letters sized across 21" are going to be bigger then the same letter across 17". But unless she gets a HUGE monitor, it will probably not be enough.T... Read More »