How do i make science fun?

Answer The key to making science fun is to act like a real scientist. Scientists observe the natural world around them and ask questions. Using the scientific process, they actively engage in an often fun... Read More »

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How to Make Science Flubber?

Great for amazing kids,This Flubber like substance is great fun on a hot summer day!! Quickly moving hands with it, will make it in to a play-doe like texture, slowly moving hands makes it slimey a... Read More »

How do I make a sail car in science?

BodyCut four wheels 2 to 3 inches in diameter out of corrugated cardboard. Place rubber bands approximately 1/4 inch wide and 8 inches in diameter around the rims of the wheels. Poke two 6-inch lon... Read More »

How Can I Make a Toy for My Science Project?

Making a toy science project will show you and those around you that science is everywhere, even in toys. You can make a toy for a science project, such as the Sparkle Glitter Globe toy, that will ... Read More »

How to Make Your Classroom Look Like a Science Lab?

If you plan to teach a science subject such as chemistry or biology, microbiology, human anatomy, zoology or other life science, you can make it so that your classroom looks and feels like a scienc... Read More »