How do i make regular jeans into skinny jeans?

Answer Mark New SeamsTurn your regular jeans inside out and put them on. Sit down with your legs out straight, holding the jean legs flat, and mark a line up the inside of the jeans where the leg is tight... Read More »

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How do i turn regular jeans into skinny jeans?

MarkingPut your jeans on, and use tailor's chalk to mark knee height on both outer leg seams. Hold the fabric at the ankle, pinching the excess out of the way on the outer edge, and mark at least 1... Read More »

How to make flare jeans into skinny jeans without a sewing machine.?

You could use Velcro to make them "convertible".

How do I make jeans into skinny jeans for 12 year olds?

Pin Down The ShapeHave your 12-year-old put her jeans on inside out. Beginning at the top of the leg, pinch in the fabric to a snug fit and pin it. Continue this down the rest of the paint leg, pin... Read More »

How do i make normal jeans into skinny jeans?

Place Your PinsTurn your normal pair of jeans inside out and put them on. Starting at the knee, pinch the jeans tighter to your leg and place a safety pin or straight pin to hold the fit. Continue ... Read More »