How do i make one hard drive master and other slave?

Answer Crack that whip.

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How do you configure your master and slave hard drive.?

Look at the back of your hard drives you will see some "jumpers" small plastic blocks that fit on to pins you should see the diagram of the jumper settings on the label, set one to M or master the ... Read More »

How to Configure Master and Slave in BIOS for Two Hard Drive Disk in a Single System?

EASY steps for changing your computer's BIOS settings to "Master/Slave", allowing two hard drives in one computer.

How do I make a hard drive a slave drive?

Shutdown ComputerShut down the computer. Turn off the power switch and remove the power cord from the back of the computer. Remove the sides panels from the computer case.Set Jumper CablesTake the ... Read More »

How do you make the External Hard Drive the 'slave'?

you can never make an external hard drive a slave, as it uses USB. USB drives are not recognized the same as regular hard drives, because they are outside the box so to speak.when you install softw... Read More »