How do i make my vagina taste and smell good for tonight?

Answer Stink AND BUMPY vagina, AJ. Don't forget the BUMPY.Spray a little Febreze on your taint.j0e

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How can I make my vagina taste good?

To be honest, no offence though, the question is a bit funny. But anyway.... perhaps you can try this out.1. Eat red grapes. The more the better.2. To clean up your vagina with warm water and mild ... Read More »

How to Make Your Vagina Smell Good?

Having a good-smelling vagina is good in many ways- it not only signifies a healthy vagina, it's good for your boyfriend or partner! It's simple to do. Here's how.

I hate the taste of alchohol but I want to make something really delicious for tonight..what is a good drink?

Try something fruity - I'm thinking peach schnapps or malibu and add lots of juice too! Vodka is fine as long as you dont add too much! Have fun!

Can drinking grapefruit juice make 'downstairs' taste/smell better?

Can I taste?(I'll give you an objective opinion.)