How do i make my sunburn stop hurting?

Answer Soothing Aloe always works with me. It makes it go away quicker too.

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Make sunburn stop hurting!?

How can I make my sunburn stop hurting?

Apply an after the burn gel or some aloe vera. It does help.

How to make sunburn stop hurting quickly?

Here is my suggestion:Get some aloe vera gel and put it into the fridge, when it's cold rub it onto your burn as often as you want. I always keep mine in the fridge, that way when ever you get a su... Read More »

How do you make a sunburn stop hurting without using aloe vera because i tried that and it doesnt work?

theres some spray stuff you can get at walgreens or cvs that has lidocaine in it it will numb it up...or maybe its benzocaine....somethin like that