How do i make my gums stronger?

Answer its a sign of gingivites, its just the begginin , so dont wait till the bones get loose cauze then u cant reverse that, so if they bleed, an look a bit puffy an red, then u need to get them cleaned... Read More »

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Problems with teeth/gums DENTISTS please (gums receding/thinning)?

The top reasons for gum recession are age and brushing too hard. Since you sound like you're younger it might be from brushing too hard, you can literally brush the gums right off. Make sure you ... Read More »

What's the best toothpaste to make your gums pink and make your teeth white?

Many toothpastes that claim to whiten the teeth do that to some extent. However, make sure you use one with the ADA (American Dental Association) approval. It is better not to use these over a prol... Read More »

Make gums less swollen red !?

Its okay, my dentist told me that about 70% of British people have a mild gum disease, so really you're not alone, even I had swollen gums while having braces.What you do is make sure you brush pro... Read More »

How to Make Perfume Stronger?

Many women compain about paying for really expensive perfume and then having the smell virtually disappear in about 10 minutes. So, how can you make your perfume stronger so that it will last longe... Read More »